Las Vegas Mass Shooting – What are they hiding?

This article exposes evidence of incompetence at the very least, and questions the narrative inconsistencies in the information released to the public.

Violence from ANTIFA in Charlottesville ignored by mainstream media

Yet again the mainstream media intentionally misleads it viewers and deceives them by framing an entirely false narrative, this time regarding the violence which...

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Informed Consent – What You Should Know

Whenever possible, consent should be obtained before the treatment, procedure, tests, or medication is started.


“Free Speech” – Use Only As Directed

Law enforcement agencies are suppressing our rights of free speech, at the behest of the corporatocracy, kleptocracy, plutocracy, or whatever you want to call it, it's not a democratic republic anymore, it's certainly not America anymore, it's Amerika, and until we rise up in Unity, the home of the enslaved.
Ludlow Massacre

The Ludlow Massacre

History proves, without a doubt, that state-run militia and the National Guard can and will be used against it's own people.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Any cop who would break up a peaceful protest is not a cop that is protecting and serving the interests of the people, nor is providing for the public welfare, but rather, the fairing well of those who would benefit from the silencing of the oppressed.

Assault Weapons Bans – Rhetoric versus Fact

The use of 'appeal to emotion' arguments works on a public that does not bother to evaluate the existing statistics that prove that legislation...

Police Custody Death of Sandra Bland – Too Much Law, Not Enough Justice

Since when is failure to signal a lane change an arrest-able offense? Officer Encinia approached Sandra with the intent to arrest her no matter what. He then created a situation which would allow him to do so.

Police Brutality In America

Are police becoming MORE brutal in recent years, or has the internet made it impossible for the ‘Thin Blue Line’ to hide police brutality from the public? Has society itself become more violent so they need more ‘aggressive’ police or have the police become assassins for the elite paid for by American tax dollars?

Suicide by Cop & The Criminal Injustice System

When did the 'criminal justice system' in America become the source of all criminal activity in America? The system we have now is so...

Democracy Found Dead on Capitol Hill

Have you really thought about the fact that America isn't really America anymore? This certainly isn't your mom and dad's America anymore, it's Amerika.


Is the World Poised for an Economic Tailspin? – The Saudi Purge and the...

The Saudi Purge Saudi Arabia arrested 11 princes, including a prominent billionaire, and dozens of current and former ministers, in a sweeping crackdown as the...

Iran is a threat to the world, but is the threat posed by Iran...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminds us yet again why he ought be regarded as a war-mongering lunatic whose words shouldn't be taken seriously...

$3 trillion in natural resources worth more than lives of U.S. soldiers and Afghans?

While the Trump administration continues to deliberate on altering U.S. strategy in Afghanistan the corporate-owned media reminds us of the importance behind maintaining a...

BlackWater founder speaks out against U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, I wonder if it’s because...

As the Trump administration deliberates as to whether or not the U.S. should alter its policy in Afghanistan, BlackWater founder and former CEO Erik...

17 years and the U.S. is still fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan – and...

According to numerous reports, Taliban and ISIS forces launched a coordinated assault on an Afghan village, slaughtering as many as 50 civilians including women...


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