Chemtrails – Impact On Your Health


What’s Inside Those Things?

The content of chemtrails is a hot item of debate.  There are many theories abounding including genetically modified viruses, biologically enhanced agents, certain metals, and poly-fibers.  Source samples of chemtrails are difficult to come by.   What is known about their ingredients comes from content listed in relevant patents, samples of groundwater from heavily sprayed areas, substances collected from residue coating flora and fauna, and, in the case of fibers, from patients exhibiting open sores related to Morgellons.

Metals Found in Chemtrails

Analysis of chemtrail residue have consistently revealed the presence of a variety of metals such as aluminum, bromine, barium, and mercury.  As the old adage says, what goes up must come down. Inevitably we are either inhaling or ingesting these metals in one form or another.

What are the long-term side effects of exposure to these types of metals?

-Aluminum in small amounts is considered harmless. However, long term collection of aluminum within the body leads to nervous system disorders and inhibition of proper bone building.

-Bromine exposure can lead to open sores on the skin, interfere with proper thyroid functioning, cause kidney and liver damage, and potentially cancer.

-Barium and mercury exposure presents  a long list, including impacting nearly every bodily system. It is perhaps the most toxic mix of metals being introduced into our skies via chemtrails.

Auto-Immune Conditions

Interestingly enough, auto-immune conditions are on the rise throughout the world.  Some of this may be directly related to the inhalation or ingestion of chemtrail ingredients, but another reason may be the simple reality that our bodies are not absorbing enough good radiation from the sun.  The metallic shield of aerosols is blocking out essential rays.   An epidemic of Vitamin D deficiencies may be right around the corner.


A new disease is appearing around the globe, and there are claims it is related to chemtrails.  The unofficial name is Morgellons. Unofficial because there isn’t one Western medical establishment willing to classify it as a recognized medical condition.  However the number of people manifesting similar symptoms which characterize the illness is increasing on a worldwide basis.

A search of WebMD brings up the classic signs: intense itching, sores that appear suddenly and heal slowly, burning sensations under the skin, unusual scarring from the lesions, reports of fibers under the skin, extreme fatigue, hair loss, joint and muscle pain, nervous system disorders, and memory impairment.

Studies of the fibers (the hallmark symptom of Morgellons) have yielded cellulose materials, unique bacterial components, and polythene contents.   Yet there is no definitive source as to where they come from, what they are, or how and why they are manifesting from the skin out. Many sufferers are convinced they are, literally, dropping from the sky out of chemtrails and inhaled or ingested unwittingly.