Swedish Twins Ursula and Sabina – An Experiment In Mind Control


In 2008, two Swedish women who were being apprehended by police rushed onto the carriageway of the M6. One was struck by a lorry, the other a car. The one who was hit by the lorry was run over by the actual wheels and sustained massive damage to her legs. She then proceeded to become angry, spat at and resisted the police, who were trying to tend to her. The other, who was hit head on by a car, smashing its wind-shield and severely denting its roof, was able to get up and proceeded to assault a police officer before being restrained by 6 people.

According to official reports, no evidence of drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident. The report of the incident goes on to say the event was a shared psychosis, a rare psychiatric disorder in which delusional beliefs are transmitted from one individual to another, which resulted in a series of bizarre incidents on the M6 motorway and the subsequent murder of Glenn Hollinshead.

A man named White Wolf von Atzingen who was a programmed assassin in America, recounts in his autobiography Shadow Scorpion, Memoirs of an Assassin, an eerily similar memory which may apply to the ‘suicide attempts’ of the twin sisters. “First thing in the morning Blake came into the medical ward and told us that during the course of the day we are all going to find out what it felt like be in a car collision and furthermore, how to survive it”. He goes on to describe how he was trained to not only survive, but walk away from, a 50mph collision with a brick wall. With the correct training these types of feats are possible.

The extreme pain threshold of these women is also correlated by White Wolf who was told by someone who had seen his file: “I forgot to mention your insanely high pain tolerance. See, your lifestyle that your programmers laid out for you contains ongoing situations in which large amounts of pain must not only be endured but worked through. Your programming has allowed your body to build up such a large tolerance for pain that it becomes a danger to you physically”. This could explain how the women were oblivious to the pain they should have felt after being struck by vehicles moving at motorway speeds.

In his book A Madness Shared By Two, author David McCann discusses the untold true story about the lives of Sabina and Ursula Eriksson, alongside the murder of Glenn Hollinshead. This book outlines many inconsistencies in the ‘official story’, and poses other pertinent questions about the incident and related events.

Mind control has been developed to stretch the capacity of the human body beyond the realm of possibility. Accounts by ex-mind controlled assassin White Wolf von Atzingen of being broken down for reprogramming are sensational, but then what mind control experiment wouldn’t be sensational. Methods of total mental, emotional and physical breakdown of a subject of mind control experiments are well documented, one of the most publicized of these experiments being the release of declassified documentation of MK-Ultra CIA mind control experiments.

According to Von Atzingen, the destruction or breaking of the energy fields of the children was accomplished with a series of technological devices, which affect the energy field directly, and also, methods of physical trauma. One device I can recall is about the size of a cattle prod and generates its own etheric energy. When put within a persons energy field its effect is tantamount to putting a chainsaw in someone’s body, but without the physical pain or mess.

A physical trauma that was used was to simply push a child’s head underwater until the last possible moment before death, and then pull them out. These horrible sessions were completely blocked from our conscious minds. Additional abuse such as electric shock, drug administration, waterboarding, impact beatings to the soles of the feet, and visual assaults up to and including being forced to watch two other mind control subjects rape and murder a 10 year old girl, are documented in Von Atzingen’s book.

The general public’s impression that the ‘official’ shut down of the MK Ultra project in the 70’s marked the end to such an atrocity. That assumption would be naive at best. There is ongoing evidence through witness accounts that indicate nothing could be further from the truth.

The driving force behind mind control experiments does not exist just in the United States. Dr. John Coleman, author of the book The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of The United States of America, is quoted as saying, “I can say with absolute certainty that British intelligence MI6 and CIA operatives receive training at Tavistock in metaphysics, mind control, behavior modifications, ESP, hypnotism, the occult, Satanism and Illuminists and the Manichean cults”.