Manufacturing Consent – A Blueprint of Propaganda

What do you believe in?

In Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book, ‘The Grand Chessboard,’ he states that when he was NSA Adviser for President Carter, that they sent money, arms, & training personnel into Afghanistan in July of 1979.

Their aim in doing so was to goad Russia into a war with Afghanistan, because, as he says, they knew that it would be Russia’s version of our Vietnam War; and would cripple them militarily and economically. Their plan worked – Russia retreated and went broke a few years later. This was our objective at the time, so Afghans were the ‘good guys’.

Now they want them to be the ‘bad guys’, the ‘terrorists’, when it’s always been the CIA that has been directing everything that they’ve been accused of by the government that directs the CIA, & then we’re supposed to believe them?

This is the height of propaganda, how they use the media to put it right out in your face, telling you in essence what their plan was for Russia and Afghanistan, and then say these are the ‘bad guys’ in this century, switching the ‘characters’ from good to bad to gain support for wars for profit.

While you are reading this, innocent people are being killed. Right. Now. & now. & now. They are not collateral damage, they are victims of propaganda for the purpose of manufacturing consent of the masses for organized, state sanctioned murder.  Realize how wrong this is, and realize that what drives it is fabricated hate. Make-believe hate. Fairy dust hate.

They sprinkle it in our news, in TV shows, and in the movies. They tell us who our enemies are and tell us who to hate, to condition us to support the killing of innocent men, women, and children through subtle, and even subconscious tactics.

War is a racket, a frame job, perpetrated by gangsters in suits against people who just want to live their lives like you and I.  If you’re going to be angry towards anyone, maybe you should think about being angry with the government that lies to you to sell you wars that benefit the multinational corporations, & central & international banks that contribute to their campaigns!!!

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