Monsanto – The Politics and The Poison


Ask yourself, is it a coincidence that Hillary Clinton was Rose Law firm’s assigned legal counsel for Monsanto, and that the first GMO foods were approved by the Clinton Administration for introduction into the US food industry after Michael Taylor was appointed as the head of the FDA by the Clinton Administration?

Monsanto won’t serve GMO food in their company cafeteria, and the White House chef for the Clintons and Bushes confirmed that neither they, nor the Obamas would let GMO food into the White House kitchen to be served to their families. Mitt Romney and Bain Capital invested in Monsanto during the 70s, and he has been associated with them since, and sources from his campaign staff have let it slip to journalists that everything that Mittens eats is organic.

Wow, engineered food is sounding safer all the time. I have heard it claimed that companies that spent big money to kill Proposition 37 in California, the US’ first initiative to label GMO foods, were simply concerned with rising prices associated with creating new packaging, and also that these companies are “sure that it’s safe”, yet they just feel that if it’s labeled, people will feel that it’s not safe.

I think that if deductive logic and common sense prevail in our determination of whether they are safe or not, we will surely find them not to be, as those most closely associated with the king of killer crops, Monsanto, including the company itself, won’t touch the stuff, nor will animals, if given a choice of GMO food or non-GMO food.  In light of this information, now ask yourself, shouldn’t we be given that choice too?!?

Does Monsanto Man Mitt Romney Secretly Eat Organic?

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