CIA – Dirty Secrets


Whether you choose to believe it or not, the US government and CIA are one of, if not the biggest, drug smuggling operations in the world. They have been known to have operations in place in South Asia, the Middle East, and South and Central America, as well as other various locations throughout the world.  Some of their main entry points in the US have included New Orleans, Mena, Arkansas, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Many whistleblowers have written several articles and books that exposed the government corruption and coverups behind the “War On Drugs.”

Minorities are primarily targeted for arrest and incarceration, and the aim is incarceration. Oppression of minorities still exists in the US, it is just under the guise of preventing drug abuse, while the government is responsible for the majority of the drugs that are brought into the country.

Here’s an excerpt from Rodney Stich’s book, “Defrauding America,” which lists and details books published by government insiders from the CIA, the DEA, and other government agencies that had first-hand knowledge and experience with their drug running operations –

“The CIA’s role in drug trafficking into the United States has been the subject of many magazine and newspaper articles, books, testimony given to Congressional committees in closed-door hearings, and work-place conversation among CIA personnel.

Movies and television documentaries have been made on the subject, and many books and articles have been written describing some particular phase of the operation. Yet, most Americans are oblivious to this serious misconduct or its far-flung implications. The DEA’s drug trafficking has received little attention.

One of the first books linking the CIA to drug trafficking was Alfred McCoy’s ‘The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia’, published in 1972, and his heavily documented 1991 update, ‘The Politics of Heroin-CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade’.

The author is a professor of Southeast Asian history at the University of Wisconsin, at Madison. Some of the books written about CIA drug trafficking were written by people who were part of the operation, including pilots.

Professor McCoy started investigating the drug trafficking in the 1950s, questioning people in all phases of the drug culture from the growers to the end users. He spent considerable time in Southeast Asia and throughout the world obtaining first-hand knowledge of the drug trade.

He describes how CIA helicopters, supposedly fighting communists in Vietnam, were hauling drugs from the fields to distribution points, including drugs for the American GIs. He described the role of the Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in the drug trafficking, and how the U.S. media kept the lid on the mushrooming operation.

Terry Reed, a CIA asset, and co-author John Cummings, wrote an excellent book in 1994 on drug trafficking and the CIA’s role in it: ‘Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA’.   Reed, a former U.S. Air Force Intelligence Officer, a successful businessman specializing in advanced computer-controlled manufacturing, was recruited by the CIA to start up a CIA proprietary in Mexico. The business was to be a high technology trading and consulting firm, but developed into a CIA gun-running and drug operation.

Reed worked closely with key figures in the National Security Council and Central Intelligence Agency, including Oliver North and Felix Rodriguez, unaware of their involvement in a massive drug trafficking operation. Reed discovered that the CIA was misusing the company that he set up in Mexico as a CIA proprietary.

In July 1987, he discovered the CIA was shipping large quantities of drugs through the company, and he wanted out. Fearing for the safety of his wife and three sons, and himself, Reed notified his CIA handlers that he was returning to Arkansas. The CIA saw him as a threat.

Using typical attorney tactics, the CIA, through the Justice Department and its control over state police agencies, in this case Governor Bill Clinton’s Arkansas, charged the Reeds with engaging in drug trafficking, when in fact, it was the CIA.

Another DEA whistleblower exposed the DEA and CIA role in America’s drug crisis. A twenty-five-year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration (and prior drug agencies), Michael Levine, authored a 1993 book exposing the drug trafficking sanctioned by federal officials throughout the federal government. The former DEA agent wrote that the so-called war on drugs is the “biggest, whitest, and deadliest lie ever perpetrated on U.S. citizens by their government.”

He described how the CIA, the DEA, and other “intelligence” agencies, blocked investigations and prosecution of high-level drug traffickers. Levine described how the CIA was primarily responsible for the drug epidemic as seen from his perspective.”

McCoy’s book can be found here for free pdf download: The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, The Politics of Heroin-CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade

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