New World Order Brand Global Governance


The term New World Order is a euphemism used by the elite as a PR term for global governance, as a “kinder, gentler” way of contextualizing it for those they seek to govern. These elite, in a top-down order, consist of those in the realms of banking, followed by industry, then politics.

I have personally encountered a great deal of opposition from those that I have sought to inform about their plans to usher in a global government, with the most common statement of disbelief being, “People have been talking about that for years now, and it hasn’t happened yet.”

That is precisely the brilliance of their plan. Social engineers are far more patient than most of us can even conceive of, as they know that for their plan to work, it has to be brought into place slowly and incrementally. I believe that they’ve learned the same lessons from history that I have, in that it is human nature to despise, and therefore resist, an observable and/or known state of tyranny.

Were they to simply announce one morning that we all now simply lived under one world government, with an unelected body making laws for the world, the results would be nothing short of outright revolt and chaos, which would be harder for them to bring under control. They’ve painted themselves into a corner, as they used patriotism for ones’ country to drive wars that they waged to justify a global government, and everyone has subscribed so readily to a nationalist sentiment, no one would want to lose their national sovereignty now.

There is much conjecture about when the “modern day” plans were laid in place for a global government, yet the first reference that I could find in my research, particularly that specifically utilizes the term “New World Order”, is from 1915. Columbia University president Nicholas Butler delivered an address which he entitled, “A New World Order Is Being Born,” at the Union League of Philadelphia, regarding what was shaping up to be the World War I, which was used as the justification for the first attempt at global governance, The League of Nations.

I will not make assertions outside of what I can credibly prove here, though I feel that I must note that many, including myself, certainly feel that the true foundations of the framework were laid around a century and a half earlier than that, if not farther back in history.

Many politicians and other world leaders from finance and industry have spoken either of a global government, global governance, a one world government, or a New World Order, for about a century now, including such notable figures as the Rockefellers, Senator Warburg, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and the Rothschilds. I chose to limit this to presidents to demonstrate that the last 4 of them have all spoken publicly of the New World Order, which I feel signifies the imminent proximity of their plans for implementation.

The UN was established in 1945, funded and founded largely by The Rockefeller Foundation, in concert with other banking, industry, and political leaders from the United States, and around the globe. They sold it to the people of the world as a means for establishing and maintaining world peace, but being that it has failed so miserably at its stated goal, do YOU feel like their stated intention was sincere, or would you find it more credible to believe that it was the building of the walls around, and on top of, the foundations they had already laid?

Many of the organizations that they say are a force for good are a false front for their disguised designs, such as the aforementioned UN, and NATO, which both truly serve as a world police force to dissuade any nations from a lack of cooperation with their agenda. These are generally only brought to bear on countries that they can’t bring into line through debt enslavement via the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. These organizations make loans to countries that they know they will not be able to pay back, and then use the threat of calling the debt in to coerce countries to bend them to their will. If this doesn’t work, the UN will enforce sanctions upon these countries, causing literal genocide through starvation and disease, for lack of food, clean water, and medicines.

In the US, a quick rundown of the executive orders put in place over just the last 2 presidencies alone, not to mention over the last few decades, show that the president now has the sole power of authorization for the use of military force against citizens of the United States, FEMA camps in place, and the ability to take over any natural resources, industry, or property.

Simultaneously, we have seen increasingly oppressive legislation being passed through the Congress that allows for warrantless wiretapping, cell phone and Internet spying, unwarranted searches and seizures with no probable cause by the TSA, surveillance and facial recognition technologies on our city streets, RFID chips in our credit cards and drivers licenses, and even 30,000, that’s right, 30,000 spy drones approved for surveillance and spying on American citizens.

These totalitarian measures are being established in the US first, with the intention of the elite to eventually implement them all around the world. Now I ask you, does this not seem to you like these walls that I have spoken of are closing in on you faster than you may have previously surmised?

The elite call the “common people” of the world things such as “human resources”, “useless feeders”, and most recently at the 2012 Bilderberg meeting in Virginia, hotel staff reported them as having their newest term for us, “cockroaches”, and they truly are laughing at the majority of us, as the majority of us are still fooled into believing that their New World Order does not exist, even though the last 4 presidents have mentioned it publicly, as well as so many other notable world ‘leaders’.

Believe what you choose to believe, but I believe you better choose carefully…

There are many resources on the web for you to research this further on your own, a simple Google search will start you on your journey, here is a list to get you started:

The World Order, Eustace Mullins [free download]: The World Order, A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism

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