The United States of America, LLC


The United States of America, LLC, is an empire that acts internationally to protect its economic interests, which, of course, is determined for us by the international banking cartel.

The US does this through several means, which I will list in order of preference –

1. Find a friendly dictator who is already corrupt, or can be corrupted to buy favors from that furthers our economic interests.

2. Find a friendly democratic president who is already corrupt or can be corrupted. This can be a tricky bit.

Usually democratically-elected leaders are ‘men/women of the people’, who generally rebuff the established international order, led by the US, in the interests of their people.

Also, if they’re not a dictator, the people are more likely to stand up for their rights and fight the US empire’s takeover of their industry & natural resources.

3. If either of these fail, or one of these leaders stops cooperating in the US’ economic interest, then you try to find someone in their government who is ambitious enough to stage a coup.

If this fails, then there are two contingencies –

First, use or buy the media to try to discredit the leader with their own people & start the propaganda campaign.

Second, if the media campaign doesn’t work, bribe a few locals who are poor & have them say that the government is a dictatorship, even if it is a democracy.

Get ‘news’ footage of the staged protests, & then start your global media spin, but most particularly concentrate on the US, so you can get support from ‘we the people’, so that you’ll have their backing if you have to go to step 4, which is, of course –

4. Bomb it, burn it, kill women & children, & then once you’ve overthrown the government, either with local ‘rebels’ who are paid operatives, or NATO, or UN, or US forces, then you install a puppet leader who will serve your economic interests as determined by the international banking cartel, & then you are back to step 1.

It’s really just that simple, & we do it day in, day out, every year, at the expense of the US taxpayers, & the tragedy of human loss on both sides of the conflict.