Democracy Found Dead on Capitol Hill


Have you really thought about the fact that America isn’t really America anymore? This certainly isn’t your mom and dad’s America anymore, it’s Amerika.

We’re being groped at airports, stopped on the highway, & now the TSA wants to poke & prod us at sporting events, bus stations, & malls.

Do you have your papers, citizen?

The militarized police state is all around us – tanks in Anaheim at Disneyland to deny peaceful protesters their right to justice. In Detroit, a SWAT team is brought in to remove a child from her mother’s custody because she doesn’t want her daughter taking a drug that has lawsuits pending for health concerns, which Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $158 million in damages for in Texas.

I thought Detroit was the respectable ‘Motor City’ & I never saw any tanks at Disney when I went as a kid, sounds more like something out of a war zone than America to me.

They’re still wire-tapping our phones, tracking our internet data, using facial recognition cameras in our streets, & we’re told if we ‘see something, say something’, to spy on each other when they aren’t able to see exactly what everyone is doing 24 hours of the day.

Is this the DHS, or the SS?

DEMOCRACY FOUND DEAD ON CAPITOL HILL GROUNDS TODAY – Homicide suspected, suicide not ruled out.
Author: Mykill Mayhem – United Slaves of Amerika Press
Death of Democracy: Many seemed unconcerned with the passing of Democracy today in our nations capitol.  Most interviewed were not aware we were still a Democratic Republic.
Democracy has been declared dead on arrival at the Capitol Hill morgue today.  A Department of Homeland Security agent found the body lying in the rear parking lot of the US Congress while on his way to setting up an un-Constitutional warrantless wiretapping operation.
Sadly, DNA was the only method of determining the identity of the body.  The coroner’s office report stated that most of those tasked to the identification procedure from the US Congress had only a vague recollection of what Democracy looked like.
The White House was then asked to describe Democracy to a sketch artist for likeness comparison.   Details remain unclear, yet anonymous sources from The White House staff alluded to the less than shocking revelation that The White House was only concerned with the Illusion of Democracy for decades now, and were no longer concerned with what Democracy actually looked like.
DC Police said that as the inquiry escalated throughout the day, the Federal Reserve, international bankers, and multinational corporations were called in by their subordinate agencies to help identify the remains.
Rumors are unconfirmed, yet it is believed that their reaction was unanimous that they had believed they had killed it years ago.  One befuddled young banker was reportedly overheard saying that he couldn’t believe it had actually ever existed.  Sources within the NSA and CIA verified that they were contracted to cremate the remains of Democracy after DNA testing confirmed the identity of the body, and we have already been informed to retract this story, forget you read it…