Good Cop, Bad Cop


If a cop is a good cop, then I have no problem with that cop, but any cop who would break up a peaceful protest is not a cop that is protecting and serving the interests of the people, nor is providing for the public welfare, but rather, the fairing well of those who would benefit from the silencing of the oppressed.

Those that would engage in enforcing measures imposed upon the people of the world by the cabal of crooks that run the central and international banking pyramid scheme systems, is one that would act in a completely contradictory manner to the honor and duty of their badge, and that is not a good cop, and deserves no accord of respect, in my opinion, I’d have to turn in my badge…

Most particularly, think about the fact that the economic system is crashing down all around us; so not only is this the people’s fight, this is the police’s fight as well.  Not to mention that we definitely should all know by now, if we’ve done our research, that the bankers are the crooks, and they should be arresting them instead of breaking up a crowd of people that is saying, ‘Hey, these guys are crooks.’

They are reporting a crime, and the cops should be putting down their batons, pulling out their pens, and taking a statement!!!

Everyone should know by now that hugely unadulterated cases of racketeering and theft are behind the economic collapses in numerous countries around the world. The captains of the finance industry, from both private and government sectors, to include the privately owned Federal Reserve, have been demonstrably proven to have been swindling and stealing from us all.