Police Brutality In America


Every day there are is more and more news about the extent of police brutality. Every day there are more cases of assault by a police officer. Everyday people engage a dialog from both sides of the argument, those supporting the police and those speaking against the police. It all boils down to one thing, do the police have the right to do ‘what they feel is necessary’ to force a person to comply with their orders? Where is the line drawn, can they ‘legally’ tell civilians to do whatever they believe is necessary and use whatever force is necessary to make the person comply?

One argument is that police HAVE authority over the average citizen. They have been granted the right to order civilians to comply with their demands in the name of public safety.   If the officer orders someone to remove their shoes or belt, they are to comply and if they don’t the officer can do whatever it takes to force compliance. Like we see here:  Who Is Fatal

Then there are the gray areas where people do not comply with the police, not because they refuse to but because they are unable to as in this case:

Mainstream media picked up the story of the mentally ill man beaten to death by police while he called out for his ‘Daddy” to help him:

He was just one of the over 400 people killed by police last year alone, never mind the thousands who suffered injuries while in ‘police custody’ or the process of becoming so.

Did you know that as of April 30, just 120 days into 2015, and already there are 384 INNOCENT people who have been killed by police, 384 INNOCENT people. Yes, you read that correctly… Every single person the police have killed this year (and every other year for that matter) are totally and completely INNOCENT.

In America, people are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of their peers. Since NONE of those 384 people were tried and convicted by a jury of their peers, they are INNOCENT. Just think about that for a second… let that sink in for a minute… That means 1 INNOCENT person is killed every 8 hours in the United States by a police officer. Yes, every 8 hours a public servant who is paid by YOUR tax dollars to uphold the law, breaks that law and kills an INNOCENT person. And there are those who claim that number police have killed is way underestimated, FBI Vastly Undercounts Police Killings.

Are police becoming MORE brutal in recent years, or has the internet made it impossible for the ‘Thin Blue Line’ to hide police brutality from the public? Are laws making it more acceptable for law enforcement across the country to be more brutal in past years or is the ‘Police State’ making their brutality more acceptable in the eyes of the mainstream media? Has society itself become more violent so they need more ‘aggressive’ police or have the police become assassins for the elite paid for by American tax dollars?

The question that comes to mind is; ‘do we REALLY need police’? What would happen if there was no law enforcement? Would most of the population suddenly forget their morals and values, would people suddenly believe it was acceptable to rob, murder, and rape anyone they wanted to? Would people forget their humanity and turn into a badge and gun, upholding whatever THEY thought was right?