Suicide by Cop & The Criminal Injustice System


When did the ‘criminal justice system’ in America become the source of all criminal activity in America? The system we have now is so corrupt it cannot be ‘straightened out’ anymore.  Politicians use our tax dollars to buy laws for our own protection they tell us (when in all reality those laws ONLY help them). Tax laws are passed in Congress to the highest bidder and we are told that we NEED those laws to keep businesses in this country (these laws provide tax breaks for corporations so they can buy more politicians).

Who would call me a murderer when I stand behind a badge and a gun? When people are paid to perceive everything as a threat, the so-called murder is labeled “Suicide By Cop”. The judicial system has far exceeded its place in society. The world is waking up to this fact. When did the police become ‘Judge, Jury, and Executioner’? When did law enforcement gain the right to be above the law? Last time I checked my tax dollars pay THEIR salary and they work for ME not the other way around.

Now we have politicians and corporations with all the money while individual citizens are struggling to put food on the table, all the while believing that the police still work for them. Then when your average civilian is faced with a crime being committed by someone who can’t afford to put food on the table they call the police thinking they will help. What that individual finds is him/herself facing the barrel of an officer’s gun without cause and is shot dead in the middle of the street for calling the police.

Citizens once believed that recording police brutality would stop the police from breaking the law (in all reality it just led to more corruption). Citizens walk into the police station with rock solid video proof that the police break the law only to hear the officer has been put on paid leave while an internal investigation is ongoing (the officers get together to get their story straight, while the lawyers find a way to get the evidence labeled ‘non-admissible’ in court).
The community gets together to stand in solidarity with the family and show their support and peacefully gather in their neighborhood when they are interrupted by the police (who were ordered by the politicians bought by the businesses to stop the people from gathering together).

Mainstream media gets involved to tell the world how bad the victim was during his/her life (implying that because of his previous actions he/she somehow deserved to die). This media attention attracts others to the area, those with ulterior motives (some representing the politicians and the bought police who are there to start rioting to allow the police to use violence against the innocent civilians). The citizens continue to gather together in support, now mixed together with the outsiders. Police show up in larger and larger numbers in response to the growing group of civilians.

More and more mainstream coverage appears attracting an ever-greater number of outsiders until the police begin using violence against the innocent civilians. Mainstream media tells the world how the civilians became violent towards the police and that is why the police were forced to use ‘aggressive crowd control methods’ to prevent the civilians from damaging property and killing each other (when in reality it was the bought and paid for outsiders who behaved poorly, and the police who started the violence towards the innocent native people).

More civilians get their rights violated by the police, violence erupts out of thin air, and many are arrested (all the while the original officer is still being paid and free to walk the streets as he/she wishes). The internal investigation continues (more and more evidence is covered up and those civilians who are willing to stand up against the corruption are systematically discredited, arrested, or murdered).

Finally the day arrives for the Grand Jury to hear the case. These people are the peers of the officer we are told (they were really picked because they never had ANY interaction with the police, they have never committed a crime, no have they ever personally experienced any discrimination or injustice). All the while these ‘selected’ jurors all know if they indict the officer they will have the entire police force harassing them until they find something to arrest them for or kill them for (this will be called ‘suicide’, they will be shot in the back of the head while handcuffed in the back of a squad car). So the ‘guilty’ officer goes free, free to continue his/her life anyway he/she wishes while the innocent civilian is returned to his/her family for burial.

The civilians learn to fear the corruption that treats them as less than human.  For the few who refuse to accept this injustice and continue to gather together the growing police presence continues to grow until the police outnumber the civilians, until the civilians have been harassed into submission, commit suicide by cop, or incarcerated where they cannot continue to demand justice.

No, this system cannot be ‘fixed’… The American criminal system has far exceeded its expiration date and needs to be discarded. The people NEED to give up their fear and refuse to back down. We NEED to do more than ‘just’ record criminal behavior we NEED to stop it. We NEED to step up and get involved stopping the brutality before it becomes the murder of yet another innocent civilian. It IS up to us, the civilians that pay the salary of the police, to STOP them from violating our rights…