Iraq war veterans urge US lawmakers to reject Iran deal


Twelve years after the US invasion of Iraq and most Americans agree that the war was a mistake of vast proportions. When considering that millions of Iraqis would either still be alive or possess their homes and property, that Al-Qaeda and ISIS wouldn’t exist, that trillions of dollars in US treasure could have been allocated to domestic projects at home, that thousands of US soldiers and many more who committed suicide as a result of their experience in Iraq would still be alive – it isn’t exactly difficult to understand why most Americans have come to that conclusion. It’s both unnerving and incomprehensible to a sane person to see these same Americans who wholeheartedly agree that Iraq was a mistake to advocate the US committing a potentially much larger mistake by tossing out diplomacy with Iran.

NGO Veterans against the deal is composed of Iraq war veterans, some of whom were wounded while participating in the invasion of Iraq. Apparently these veterans are not as concerned about Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon as they are with Iranian funds being freed following the removal of sanctions – money they claim will be used to sponsor terrorism in the region. [1] How ironic, that the individuals who partook in the greatest terrorist attack of the 21st Century when invading Iraq are now concerned with terrorism. If Iranians are sponsoring terrorism, we can refer to it as micro terrorism, for the carnage and destruction caused by terror on their behalf doesn’t even come close to the carnage and destruction caused by the United States.

If you’re genuinely concerned about terrorism – all terrorism – then it stands to reason that the majority of your concern should be fixated on the individuals or groups that have committed and sponsored the majority of the terror. The truth is that the US Military has participated in actions that have killed far more innocent civilians and resulted in much more destruction to civilian infrastructure and property than any terrorist group we’re told to oppose by the media. It is unfathomable to me that there are people who remain outraged that Iranian-backed militants allegedly killed as many as 500 US soldiers in Iraq. [2] Mention to these same people that US-backed militants (Iraqis) in the Iran-Iraq War killed nearly 1 million Iranians according to some sources [3] and bear witness to the cognitive dissonance that dictates their thinking. 1 million Iranians killed by militants supported by the US, that’s perfectly fine, but how dare they kill 500 of our soldiers! That’s a ratio of 2000 killed Iranians to 1 killed American. To remain outraged for 1 lost life while remaining either neutral or supportive of 2000 dead Iranians does not deserve to be taken seriously.

US initiation of force is what creates armed resistance to it. If we’re concerned about Iran promoting groups violently resisting US and Israeli imperialist aims in the region then maybe we ought to stop speaking in favor of imperialist practices that endanger Iranian, thus legitimizing and motivating their decision to choose resistance. Don’t smack a bee hive if you don’t wish to be stung, but if you do smack a bee hive don’t you dare cry about your skin being embedded with stingers, as your condition was your own doing.

If there is a terrorist organization that should elicit concerns for disarmament it isn’t Iran, Hezbollah, Syrian troops loyal to Assad or any other terror group discussed in the media. The groups most dangerous to peace and capable of initiating terror are the US Air Force, the US Army, the US Marine Corps and any other branch associated with enabling the US Military to slaughter human beings for the profits of the rich corporations invested in war.

To Veterans against the deal, I am greatly disturbed that you chose to participate in an invasion that made the world a more dangerous place to live. I’m even more troubled by the fact that it appears you learned nothing in Iraq as you choose to continue supporting US aggression towards other countries who mean us no harm. I wish you’d all chosen different career paths or at the least refused to execute the orders given to you by dishonest politicians. To the thousands of soldiers and many more Iraqis who died violently, let us honor their deaths by asking the living not to join them in future conflicts manufactured by arms dealers and energy tycoons. Let us come to learn the true reasons they died and that we redefine what it means to be honorable.

Only when the average citizen considers the act of refusing to participate in senseless violence to be more heroic and honorable than mindlessly complying in it will we ever live in a warless world. To the war victims of the past and the future victims of every tomorrow, I write these words in the hope that they inspire others to question the actions responsible for your demise.