Tackling the Root Causes of Gun Violence


Gun violence is considered by many to be a causal reason for legislation for gun control.  It’s always about robbing the people of constitutional rights, a band-aid, as opposed to root solutions that actually fix the situation. Why is it so impossible for people to realize that in order to fix this particular issue, you can’t legislate it, slapping that band-aid on it, and expect to heal the wound. This is not the root, and it’s the same general mindset and practice for just about any other situation/issue we face as a nation.

Why is it that to solve almost any given issue, all people want to do is slap band-aids on gushing arterial wounds? In medicine, when there is a gushing internal wound causing blood loss, we do not slap a band-aid on the wound and call it a day. No, we dig to the roots, find the artery in question, we stitch it together, and then stitch the wound closed. We then take medication to prevent infection and the spread of it, we keep things clean, and then we call it a day as we continue monitoring the situation. Why should the issues we face, as human beings, be any different? Unfortunately, I find it never the case that such issues ever receive the same attention as physical wounds.

Let us look at some more realistic alternatives that might actually fix the situation that no amount of legislation ever has. You have to admit, we’ve had an abundant amount of laws concerning gun violence, yet they have not fixed the issue now have they? Words on paper never mean anything to a citizen who does not abide laws, and criminals never do. How is it that people keep thinking that more words on paper, never fixing the issue thus far, will somehow suddenly fix the issue tomorrow, next week, next year, or ever?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to fix the economy so people weren’t so apt to make the choice to rob people for money they feel they need? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to ensure proper psychiatric supports were in place for people devastated by banking frauds, job loss, losses from natural disasters, etc. so they didn’t turn to crime as the answer to their lack of cash flow, or do so because of their inability to cope with the difficulties they face? Wouldn’t it make more sense to create a living wage so people could work hard and still meet their needs? Wouldn’t it make more sense to better teach people the difference between wants and needs so they might not have unrealistic expectations? In the end, wouldn’t it make more sense to teach people how to cope with different things so that they never even looked at the act of reaching for a gun as the potential answer to their difficulties?

These are the roots of why people reach for guns in the first place, and I’ve probably missed some as well, but I hope you get the point I’m making. Words on paper have not fixed this issue because words on paper can never fix this issue, and the history of the issue proves this point, else gun violence would not continue. Words on paper are a band-aid, just as many of the other supposed “solutions” are nothing but a band-aid for our other issues as well. We don’t fix these issues with band-aids; we fix them by fixing the roots.