Presidential Election Mouth Pieces


With the primary election coming up for what pre-selected mouth piece is going to walk into office as the next puppet of the United States, possible puppets are throwing themselves into your living rooms on your tell-a-lie-vision daily.

We hear from Hilary Clinton about some more lies she is saying to cover up the lies she already said to cover up the lies that started when she was head of the state in the UN to cover up the lies her husband started while he was president.

After finally turning over her server to the US government and they assigned a committee to look over her files they DID find proof of ‘Top Secret’ information being sent in emails on an unsecure server?

While she is under investigation for federal Treason, she is still running for president and wants you to believe she is trust worthy enough to keep the countries secrets safe.

Jeb Bush is continuing with his family’s commitment to rob the entire population of wealth, health, and prosperity through any means necessary. He continues to hold true to his family’s history of Treason that dates back to Prescott Bush during WWII when he funded the Germans with cash, weapons, and steel for their war machine.

Jeb Bush started when he was governor of Florida with the Gore/Bush election when the votes didn’t match up with the announced president. Even after the recount, which proved that Gore won the election, the Electoral College announced that Bush Jr. was going to be president.

Jeb continues to baffle everyone with quick wit and bullshit covering every important topic in the US. For those topics he doesn’t want to discuss, he simply avoids the question by saying ‘I can’t discuss that’ just as he does on his Skull and Bones membership.

Donald Trump opened his mouth and proceeded to insult another minority group in America. In the first 5 minutes, he managed to reinforce his dislike for the Central American culture, and then spent the next 50 minutes trying to explain that he didn’t mean it as an insult, only as a fact in his opinion.

He wasted the last 5 minutes ego stroking about taxing the now next to nonexistent middle class so multinational companies still get tax breaks allowing the billions in profits they then use to buy politicians while keeping the minimum wage at a level starving most employees.

In closing he thanked Americans for making him rich and accepting his terrible acting job on ‘The Apprentice’ where his big line was “You’re Fired”.