So You Want Change


Until the day we find more reasons to stand against the greedy, corrupt, and the sociopaths/psychopaths now controlling the planet than the reasons to stand divided against one another, we will all remain slaves to the system and the immoral people that control us, diminish humanity, and visit pain and suffering upon the innocent of the world.

The first step is remembering that no matter what our color, creed, gender, political affiliation, or religion, we are all human beings. We all suffer in some way as the result of the cancer controlling our planet. We cannot, individually, stand against the enemy we all face and expect to change our world for the better. We must learn to find common ground and unite as human beings first and above all else.

Until the day we learn to question the yardsticks of life given us by the controllers of the system, we’ll never break free of the system. When the digits in a bank account are more important than the life of a human being, humanity is lost. Why keep using the yardsticks they gave us when those yardsticks only cause pain and suffering for the masses? Maybe it’s time to change your yardstick. Maybe better yardsticks would be the number of hearts we touched in a positive way, or how many times we were part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Until the day comes that we respect the right of others without feeling we have the right to dictate the way they live, until the day we accept people and their rights in matters of religion, and sexuality, until the day we move from the fear culture they’ve created to keep us controlled, the atrocities committed in the name of religion and safety will continue to devastate people throughout the world.

Change cannot be forced because it becomes oppression instead of change. Change starts from within. Be the change you want to see around you and people will start modeling that which you show them. Eventually, as each person makes the conscious choice to become part of the solution instead of part of the problem; as each person chooses to be socially responsible for our hurting fellow humanity and helping them instead of ignoring them, as each person chooses to defend our most venerable citizens instead of watching others abuse them – then we will see a transformation of this world unlike anything ever known before.