End War; Because We Know We Can Do Better


The way war is handled has changed a lot over the years, for better or worse, we are fighting a very different war than anytime in all of history. If war ever brought any kind of peace or freedom, why are we still fighting any kind of war?

Looking back upon the bloody wars of yester-year, which like today’s wars, were fought over the control of resources.  Resources that usually belonged to someone else.  The wars in history looked much more bloody and cost many more lives on the battlefield.  The poor from one country fighting hand to hand with the poor of another country.  Thousands of the economically challenged youth get sent into ‘battle’ with the promise of ‘freedom’, which will never arrive.

Today, we see those economically challenged youth moving from the gaming systems at home to the controllers and screens in the military that remind them the bombs they drop are just ‘like’ a game.  We watch on the TV as innocent people are killed and the guilty get medals for good ‘shooting’. We, as private citizens, watch these bombs hitting ‘targets’ that are children and women, old men and other “noncombatants”.  Even the word ‘noncombatants’ doesn’t sound innocent now does it?  We protest ‘WAR’ all over the world even though fewer people die in the wars of today than in all of history.  Why?  Because we KNOW we can do better.

We KNOW the young and poor from our country are sent into battle to fight over resources and not freedom.  Mass media brainwashes and tricks our children into believing they are fighting for freedom.  So many of our youth come back from their ‘tours’, as if they are on vacation on some exotic island paradise, with ‘post traumatic stress disorder’.  Millions of voices speak out about the truth behind the brutality of the newest weapon of war, because we KNOW we can do better.

Drones drop the bombs today.  Our youth sit safely behind a computer screen with gaming controllers remotely dropping bombs.  The word “WAR” is scarcely used except by those being attacked, and when they defend themselves they are added to the ‘TARGET’ list.  Those of us watching from the sidelines know the truth; these young men and women will never be the same again.

While hand-to-hand combat isn’t the norm anymore, just as many lives are destroyed as were in the wars fought through history.  Their minds are left on a battlefield while their bodies come come.  Those bodies fly home and return to their families forever changed.  They are unable to adapt to ‘normal’ life as the memories of bombs landing on the ground and people scattering, fly through their heads whenever they see a TV/Monitor screen, whenever they hear the sound of younger siblings playing a video game.  Many of these ‘soldiers’ hide behind closed doors, unable to justify what they did with the person they once believed they were.  Some ex-soldiers join in the protesting of war, because they KNOW we can do better.

Now days, these protests go farther than the ‘No War’ protests of the 1960s and 70s. The fight against WAR is so much more than just preventing thousands from dying on invisible battlefields.  The belief that WAR has never brought peace doesn’t stop at the government buildings around the world, but enters each and every home.  The end to WAR starts with every person.  The WARS of today begin with every fight in the street, every time ANY person reacts with violence against another person as a means to solve a problem, they ARE supporting the idea of WAR. This needs to change because we KNOW we can do better.

In all seriousness

That is the very idea of those ruling the world today.  Their goal is to keep violence in the hands and minds of our children through violent video games, violent TV shows, violence in animated cartoons.  ‘News’ programs remind adults about violence and aggression on TV every day.  News programs which often recap the aggressive violent behavior of ‘reality TV’.  ‘Reality TV’ is nothing more than specially selected people hired to ‘perform’ on unscripted shows.  Unscripted TV shows use alcohol and suggestions from producers to incite violence.  This is how TV programs their viewers to stay tuned for the next episode. Violence is on the front page of every newspaper, and tops the hour on every radio station. Violence fills today’s commercials.  Paid Actors fight over the last box of cereal or the next ‘must have’ Christmas toy.  So many of us KNOW we can do better than this; it is well past time we DO so.