Donald Trump; Rebel, Or Corrupted Chump?

Donald Trump tries to make it appear that he is against the ‘regular’ government, his whole campaign is based upon the idea that he is a rebel.  But, Trump is NO different from the rest of the corrupt politicians. His strings are pulled just the same as everyone else’s are.  Trump is deeply invested in real-estate and is recognized as one of the largest moguls in the US.   He owns real estate, hotels, golf courses, casinos,  and other brands under his company, ‘The Trump Organization’.

 Donald Trump and his bailouts

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has bailed out Trump not once, not twice, but four times ( With this assistance, how can Trump still be considered a great business man?  Allowed to do whatever they want, Saudi Arabia is hailed as a great friend to the US.  There are more executions in Saudi Arabia each year than by any other group anywhere in the world.  ( .) Because of the previous bailouts and possible future ones from the Prince, we can expect even more unacceptable behavior from the Saudi government in the future.
In addition to assistance from the Saudi Prince, Trump has filed bankruptcy not once, not twice, but FOUR times. ( .) Is this REALLY a person who should be in the position to run ANYTHING let alone the corporate United States?  How many times can a person file for bankruptcy before they are not considered suitable for presidency?
At this time, Trump is one of wealthiest people in America with a personal wealth between $4.5 billion and $10 billion. (How long that will last is anyone’s guess.) Yet his campaign fund is running dry.   He doesn’t seem worried about the critical state of his campaign funding in the slightest.  Trump continues to make payments from his campaign fund to his companies, family, and friends as if there’s nothing to worry about. ( .)  How can his campaign fund be running so dry, when he is so rich?  Trump’s campaign fund is so dry that it may need a taxpayer bailout.  ( ).  Does the US need a presidential candidate so bad that it’s willing to use taxpayer money to keep it afloat?
How much corruption has to be made public before people realize voting is just a game for the elite’s entertainment?  Vote for nobody.