Does 9/11 Still Matter today?


September 11 is fast approaching.  Many Americans are asking if  9/11 still matters today. Does an American sitting in their house safe and sound have the right to ask if 9/11 still matters?

The United States government has not told the truth about what happened on 9/11.  Regardless of what specific theory is focused on, there are more questions than answers in the official report.  Because of that lie and who was labeled as ‘guilty’ of the attack, over 5 million people still have no home to return to.

Much of the world is still trying to take care of the all the refugees the American attack on the Middle East created and continues to create in the name of fighting al Qaeda and the ‘War on Terrorism’ that Bush started.

Inside the United States

9/11 still matters because American soldiers are still sent out to fight a ‘war’ based upon that same lie.  These soldiers are still being injured and dying.  ‘Golf War syndrome’ affects many of these soldiers and the suicide rate of these soldiers is extremely high.

The US government has not helped all the people who were hurt. Not all of the people who were injured have been compensated.  Many medical bills have still not been paid.   Compensation has not been paid to many of the families who lost people (as if there was a price for the life of someone you love).  9/11 still matters because those who helped save people that day are now suffering terribly. The first responders on the scene are now suffering from a wide range illnesses. The cancer rate for both the survivors and the first responders is exponentially higher than anywhere else in America.

Outside the United States

9/11 still matters because what the US military did outside of America is FAR worse than what it did TO America on 9/11. The US has not returned control of the countries to their rightful rulers.  Much of the Middle East continues to be occupied by the American military.  The US government has failed to returned the countries’ natural resources.  Minimal payment to any of the countries that the US has bombed, invaded, drone attacked, and enforced sanctions upon, based on a KNOWN LIE, has been paid.

There are still bombs and bullets littered across the Middle East.  No real attempt to clean up these ‘leftovers’ has been made.  Many of bombs and bullets are clad in uranium. Innocent civilians are still being poisoned by that uranium today.  Birth defects in the most heavily bombed areas are increasing.

The crimes against humanity continue today based on that same lie.  Mass media is silent about the suffering of innocent people in other countries.  American mass media ‘morns’ the tragedy on 9/11 every year for American lost lives, yet fails to mention the death and destruction being caused all across the Middle East.

Today 9/11 still matters

Mothers and fathers still cry for their dead children, children still cry for their deceased parents. People are STILL dying daily based on the lie of ‘terrorism’.  The death toll has risen to more than 10 million people, and that number is growing each day.  Over 50 million people have been touched in some negative way by what happened on September 11, 2001.

9/11 still matters to me personally, not because I lost a loved one, but because of the lies the US government told us so they could kill millions of innocent people in other countries.  I am ashamed of my country for what it has done, and for the fact that the American citizens want to forget what it allowed to happen based upon a lie.

How many more people are going to be killed because of a lie?