Almost Half of American Youth Voting Third Party

According to a report from The Independent Media, nearly half of all American youth (18-29) are voting for a third party in the upcoming November Election. In this election, we have seen the rise insurgent outside candidates, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. It is evident that the American people are fed up with the status-quo. This is why the media, both the Democrats and Republicans have viciously attacked Trump, losing all sense of objectivity. It is well known that this election and the DNC’s targeting and disenfranchisement of Bernie Sanders, (The Millennials Hero) has manifested anger in the hearts of many old and young Americans. The younger Americans have gotten a taste of what the political establishment is capable of.

Too bad Voting Turnout for the young is poor
It is unfortunate that if you consider the last election in 2012 where less than 50% of the youth actually went out and voted, they might not make of an impact on this election. However, it does show the momentum and the potential for change.

There Are More Independents Than We Know

This fact also coincides with the statistic that 43% of Americans classify themselves as independent. However, in real terms they do not usually vote their conscious, just continuing the cycle of the two-party duopoly. However, in the case of the youth they, unlike their predecessor generation, will vote for a third party. The question is just how many will actually go out and vote. This means that in the next few elections it is possible for a third party to win.