Militarized Attack on Unarmed Water Protectors


Peaceful Water Protectors attacked by militarized law enforcement

Peaceful unarmed Water Protectors were singing and praying at a construction site when a plane dropped some chemical (mustard gas or tear gas) in the air above them.  The group consisted of the elderly, men, women, children, and even at least one baby.  The wind blew the cloud away before it landed on them.  You can watch the Water Protectors praying and singing in this video.

Shortly after that armored vehicles surrounded the group followed by many other police vehicles.  Law enforcement with automatic weapons made a scene of loading them and pointing them at the peaceful crowd.   The Water Protectors are yelling “We are unarmed” with their hands in the air as law enforcement moved in with machine guns.  Fearing being shot, people began to scattered.  Police with shot guns made a point of  loading them in front of the Water Protectors as can be seen and heard on this video.   Are police so scared of old women and young children that they need armored vehicles and machine guns?

You can hear pleas from the man recording for people to share this before it gets taken down.  The video recorder also claims that Facebook shut down all of their pages just before the militarized police attacked them.

Previous Militarized Attacks

This is not the first attack by police involving the water protectors.  Police and private security personnel have been more aggressively cracking down on actions against the pipeline since the governor declared a state of emergency. The state is currently investigating an incident in which contracted private security film Frost Kennels unleashed dogs during a nonviolent direct action, ending with six bitten, including a pregnant woman and a child, according to organizers at the action.  You can read more about this here.

On September 13, police arrested a journalist for Unicorn Riot in another militarized action.  He claimed that he was pointed out and arrested for filming the militarized action against the Water Protectors. Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman also had an arrest warrant issued for her after she recorded the actions of the security company pepper spraying and using attack dogs on the Water Protectors.  It appears that social media is trying to silence the Water protectors and their actions with law enforcement.  Mainstream media has remained largely silent about this.  One of the only sources to get information out is social media.

So many people are asking, “where are ‘All Lives Matter’ now?  I ask, “Where are all the rest of the Americans?  This is YOUR water, your children’s water.  This is YOUR issue too.  Is this what American has become, a land where women, the elderly, the children, and even babies can be sprayed with some chemical from a plane just because Big Oil wants to get their way? What will it take for Americans to stand up for their own rights?