Are Donald Trump’s words worse than Hillary’s crimes against humanity?

Yet again the media is in uproar over the comments of embattled Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Yet again we’re being told to despise the moral character of a man not because of anything that he actually did, but because of something that he said. The current media frenzy centers around a tape recording in which Donald Trump spoke of making sexual advances on a married woman. [1] You can listen to the recording at the link I provided if you wish.

Whether or not what Donald Trump said was despicable or worthy of moral indignation is completely irrelevant to me. Trump has since apologized for his comments and admitted they were wrong [2], wouldn’t it be nice to hear Hillary Clinton apologize for her involvement in arming terrorists and getting millions of people killed and displaced from their homes? I find it astounding, the degree to which people on all sides of the political aisle allow their emotions to become triggered by sexist comments and not at systematic murder, theft and corruption – all of which Hillary Clinton has been instrumental in facilitating at a federal level. Do we really live in a world where people reserve more outrage at words than they do actions – actions which actually ruined peoples’ lives?

Hillary Clinton’s track record on being a useful pawn for the military industrial complex is far more atrocious than Donald Trump advancing on a married woman. Whether it be speaking in support of Iraq sanctions that starved over 500,000 Iraqi children to death in the 1990’s, [3] or voting for the Iraq War which killed and displaced millions of Iraqis over false pretenses [4], or providing material support to ISIS and Al-Qaeda during her tenure as Secretary of State [5] [6] which resulted in the destabilization of Libya and Syria, one thing is irrefutably clear: Hillary Clinton has been instrumental in spreading death, chaos and destruction across the Middle East and North Africa. I don’t know about you, but to me anything Donald Trump says – no matter how vile or toxic – drastically pales in comparison to the brutality and sinister outcomes Hillary Clinton has helped foment.

At the end of the day we all ought have an internal dialogue with ourselves and answer the question: Which is worse? Saying things perceived as negative towards women, or getting thousands of women killed by sponsoring terrorism? For me the question is rhetorical, words don’t kill people.