Slavery Was Never Banned, Just Moved to the Prison System


According to Avu Dervanay, the producer of the documentary “13th” appearing in the New York Film Festival, our entire society, although claiming to be past the primitive days of slavery, still has slaves, and even more slaves than were in the hayday of the 18th century. In a culture where black people are disproportionately shown in our media as criminals, (which has been confirmed with FBI statistics) there seems to be an incentive to create justifications for our “injustice” system. The popular television show “Cops” constantly shows black and brown people in cuffs, so any unconscious person watching it could assume our system was giving them their “justice”. But reality is otherwise.

Caucasian people have been studied to commit crimes at the same rate as blacks, receiving far less punishment (if any) on average. Hillary Clinton once described our generation of urban youth as “super predators” saying

HILLARY CLINTON: They are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called superpredators—no conscience, no empathy.”

Any historian will confirm the fact that this country was built not only on the extermination of natives, but the bones of hardworking black slaves. It is a moral disdain that we continue this cycle with our current prison system which has a liaison with businesses such as McDonald’s and Applebee’s, that make prisoners create products for them and pay them less than $1 an hour.

Many are taught in grade school that the 13th Amendment ended slavery. You know, the Civil War ended slavery. That’s our mythology. But, of course, it actually didn’t. There is a specific clause in the 13th Amendment that says, slavery is not to be allowed, EXCEPT in the cases of criminal, you know, incarceration. This is also the reason that since the end of the slave trade, arrests and imprisonment per capita has skyrocketed. Not only that, but more and more prisons have become privatized, which create an incentive to imprison more and more people for lesser and lesser crimes. Judges have been caught being bribed directly by private prison officials to meet quotas which translate to giving extreme prison sentences to minor offenders. If spending years and years of your life in cages and working for pennies on the dollar isn’t slavery, I don’t know what is!