Militarization of Police in America


Top 10 cases that demonstrate that our police in Amerika are becoming overtly militarized:

1. Confused after throwing a deafening and blinding “flashbang” into a home, police mistakenly shot and killed a sleeping seven-year-old.

2. Police in North Dakota borrowed a $154 million Predator drone from Homeland Security to arrest a family who refused to return six cows that wandered onto their farm.

3. A county sheriff’s department in South Carolina has an armored personnel carrier dubbed “The Peacemaker,” which can shoot weapons that the U.S. military specifically refrains from using on people.

4. Police in Arkansas announced plans to patrol streets wearing full SWAT gear and carrying AR-15 assault rifles.

5. New Hampshire police received federal funds for a counter-attack vehicle, asking “what red-blooded American cop isn’t going to be excited about getting a toy like this?”

6. Drone manufacturers may offer police remote controlled drones with weapons like rubber bullets, Tasers, and tear gas.

7. Two SWAT Teams shut down a neighborhood in Colorado for four hours to search for a man suspected of stealing a bicycle and merchandise from Wal-Mart.

8. An Arizona SWAT team defended shooting an Iraq War veteran 60 times during a drug raid, but had to retract its claim that the veteran shot first.

9. A company in Arizona submitted a patent for shock cuffs, which can be used by cops to remotely administer a Taser-like shock to detainees.

10. The New York City Police Department disclosed that it deployed “counter-terror” measures against Occupy Movement protesters.

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