The United Nations and Agenda 21 – (Vision 2050)


The UN was devised as a means for global control by international bankers & global elites, & was spearheaded by John D. Rockefeller & the Rockefeller Foundation. The plan was to consolidate control over the world’s nations by a governing body that would put forth & sell the elite’s interests to the rest of the world.

Their counterparts, the IMF & World Bank, coerce nations to vote in favor of their objectives by using debt owed to these bodies as leverage. ‘Well, we can only keep your little country from financial implosion if you accept privatization of your industries & vote with us on these key issues at the UN.’

The UN has, toward this goal, also implemented Agenda 21, a veiled effort for depopulation & greater control by concentrating people into increasingly smaller areas of habitation. It is cloaked in deceit as an environmentally-conscious & concerned program, but it is aimed at taking over all land, water, minerals natural resources, & industry from public & private citizens & ownership & making it the property of the governments that they control around the world.

Heavily promoted to the public as the salvation for this planet and every human being, it is anything but that. Take for example Santa Cruz that was granted 300 million federal dollars to build apartment buildings. In exchange for their willingness to participate in these sustainable acts, they are given immunity to construction-defect liability.  States that refuse to support Agenda 21 objectives do not get the tax payer supported corporate welfare. Agenda 21 is a non-binding treaty, it cannot be ratified by Congress.

Agenda 21 underwent metamorphosis into Agenda 2030, and Vision 2050; however the goals of this effort remain the same.

Here is the most comprehensive analysis that I have seen on Agenda 21 thus far:

Look up Agenda 21, there is tons of info on it online, most particularly look up Rosa Korie, she was the the chief of the San Francisco branch of the California DOT, & blew the whistle once she put together a clear picture of what this agenda meant.

She is now the Executive Director of the Post Sustainability Institute, author of ‘Behind The Green Mask Of Death’, & gives lectures & seminars about what she found out in her position with the DOT.

Being against Agenda 21 is not anti-environmentalism, it is anti-globalism.

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