West pretends to care about Syrians, condemns gas attack in Syria


It is rather insulting to an informed person’s intelligence to witness media outlets condemn the latest gas attack in Syria that took place Tuesday, April 4th. How anyone could be swayed by the words of these presstitutes – the same presstitutes who encouraged us to cheer for the destructive interventionist policies of the Obama administration that ultimately created, or at the very least prolonged and exacerbated the suffering for millions of lives in Syria – is beyond my wildest dreams. But if there is one thing I’ve learned through years of analyzing events and the public’s reaction it is this: Delusion prospers in a society programmed to detach themselves from reality.

If it doesn’t evoke from you a strong sense of skepticism when being told to be outraged over a few dozen slain civilians by the same news outlet that encouraged policies which displaced and killed millions of human beings then there probably isn’t much hope for you in terms of possessing your own thoughts. It is evident that the degree to which your perspective is influenced by propagandists renders your mind incapable of thinking critically and objectively analyzing actions and their respective outcomes. Unfortunately for those on the receiving end of U.S.-sponsored violence, ignorance and delusion become lethal when exploited to sell wholesale slaughter.

Expect to see story after story condemning the Syrian Government and demanding that the west intervene on behalf of the Syrian People. Because you know, history has revealed to us just how wonderfully virtuous western intervention truly is. It wasn’t too long ago that we were asked to support the elimination of Saddam Hussein to save Iraqis from a murderous tyrant. And thus, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were slaughtered in a U.S.-led invasion to save Iraqi lives. Or perhaps a more recent example would be Libya, where the same false narratives were used to endorse the Obama-led elimination of Gaddafi that saw Libya become a breeding ground for terrorism and wide-scale violence.



These people have no right to speak about caring for Syrians and only a fool would believe that they do. One can only hope that this latest tragedy is not used to justify greater loss of life.