U.S. bombs Syria in favor of Al-Qaeda, ISIS.

Is Donald Trump a puppet of the Kremlin or globalist bankers?

As someone who was optimistic of Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric regarding non-interventionism in Syria I am deeply saddened by yesterday’s bombing of a Syrian military base. It now appears as if Trump’s vehement opposition to Hillary Clinton’s repeated proposals of escalating the Syrian conflict in favor of overthrowing Assad may have just been nothing more than empty campaign rhetoric.

It is because that I oppose globalism I vehemently reject the idea of toppling independent regimes only to replace them with complacent puppets loyal to the will of globalist bankers. For this reason I take no glee in the bombing of Syrian forces and I consider it yet another chapter in the madness of U.S. Foreign Policy.

The world is now a more dangerous place in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. missile strike on Shayrat Airbase. Make no mistake about it, the two groups which benefited the most from a U.S. airstrike on a Syrian military site were Al-Qaeda and ISIS, two groups which have been fighting the Assad regime for years. In undermining the Syrian Military the U.S. is directly empowering those groups.

If there is any silver lining to this latest escalation of violence it is that we can put to rest the asinine notion that Donald Trump is a puppet of the Kremlin. Much to our dismay he appears to be a puppet of the globalists intent on destroying Syria for the benefit of Israel. How fortunate we would truly be if he answered primarily to Russia.