Let’s remove Assad so that Syria can be destroyed in the name of helping Syria


It is mind boggling for anyone who has paid even the slightest attention to U.S. Foreign Policy over the last several decades to hear someone seriously suggest U.S. militarism as a solution in solving a problematic situation occurring in some third world hell-hole overseas. How is it possible that after decades of endless death, chaos and destruction that ANYONE in their right mind would sensibly advocate the U.S. Military involving itself somewhere? The definition of insanity is to do the same thing while expecting different results, and if such a concept is applied to U.S. militarism overseas then it is safe to conclude that arguing in favor of toppling the Assad regime is to declare insanity.

History has shown us that removing despotic regimes from power does not help save people so much as it helps getting a lot of people killed. For nearly 2 years leading up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 our sincere media outlets ensured us that removing Saddam Hussein from power would bring stability and prosperity to the Iraqi people. Millions of dead and displaced Iraqis and ongoing violence in Iraq to this day thoroughly dismiss any reasonable notion that the war propaganda had any merit to it whatsoever. In Afghanistan, 16 years of war have seen hundreds of thousands of civilians killed and forced to flee from their homes. Afghans fortunate enough to stay alive now get the joy of being oppressed by a government that is in many ways more corrupt than the Taliban. Google “Afghan opium production” or “Afghan police abuse” or “Afghan corruption” and familiarize yourself with just how privileged the Afghan People are for the U.S. ‘liberating’ Afghanistan.

Fast forward to the Arab Spring in 2011 where yet again a propagandized public was told that a nasty leader must be removed from power for the benefit of his people. Shockingly only to those unable or unwilling to think for themselves the subsequent removal of Gaddafi in Libya led to chaotic violence and sectarian rift that saw countless thousands of Libyans either killed or displaced from their homes. People to this day are risking death to cross the Mediterranean to get out of that country. Evidently Libyans would have been better off had the U.S. not gotten involved in Libyan affairs.

History has shown us that when governments are removed from power the vacuum left in their absence is filled with those willing to be violent. In Syria it is uncertain as to who would gain a legitimate use of force. Would it be ISIS? Al-Qaeda? The ‘moderate’ rebels that have been repeatedly caught in scandalous and vile behavior? Let it be that the voice of reason urges us to exercise restraint and skepticism regarding everything we’re told in regard to overthrowing Assad. Syrians don’t need to go the route of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and so many other nations plighted by the United States.

Whatever happens in Syria should be decided by the Syrian People, not politicians in Washington with political agendas.