Transgenderism is a mental illness, can we please stop encouraging mentally ill people to not get help?


All of the uproar surrounding Trump’s transgender ban serves as a painful reminder to the degree in which virtue signaling has clouded our judgement and critical thought. Until this time I thought it was common sense that when you saw someone suffering from an illness that you convinced them to seek whatever aid was required in order to make them better, whether that consisted of having them talk to someone or seek out medical attention. Never in my lifetime would I have fathomed the phenomenon that it would one day be considered moral and virtuous for people to stop encouraging sick people to get help and to remain ill. Yet here we are in a time where people who wish to be the opposite gender are being encouraged not only to believe falsehoods that reject the laws of science and reality, but to undergo irreversible surgeries and treatments that vastly enhance the likelihood of their choice to commit suicide.

This is the ugly truth behind virtue signaling and false empathy: People believe that by encouraging men and women confused about their sexuality to choose whichever gender they prefer that they are helping these people lead happier lives. Statistically this is not the case, and we owe it to the mentally ill to attempt to understand not just the nature of their illness but the dire consequences inevitably imposed as a result of considering transgender-ism as one’s preference and not a mental disorder.

One’s gender is determined scientifically, you are not afforded a choice as to whether or not your chromosomes are XX or XY. Similarly I don’t get to choose if I’m a dog or a cat or an Apache Attack Helicopter because I am none of those things. By encouraging people to detach themselves from reality and exist in fantasy land we are aiding in the mental harm and confusion of people who are in need of help or medical assistance.

It is widely known that transgender people are much more likely to commit suicide than non transgender people. If you genuinely care for these people it would stand to reason that you would be interested in encouraging them to seek professional help from a doctor or psychiatrist so that they can be treated and decrease the likelihood of taking their own lives. It speaks volumes to the delusion and utter irrationality that commands discourse in debate over this topic when you see people advocating the suicide of transgender people while claiming that those opposed to such horror are hateful and bigoted.

Your ignorance and false sense of empathy is costing people their lives. Those of us capable of critical thought ask that you try and understand what you’re contributing to: The death and perpetual misery of mentally disturbed individuals. You can’t be a woman or a man just because you want to be, that isn’t how reality works and the sooner we agree the sooner we can begin to help these people resolve whatever mental illness they possess.