2 more U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan, why is the U.S. still there after 17 years?

Two more U.S. soldiers are dead, how many more soldiers must lay down their lives for a pointless cause before Americans reject the idea of continuing the war?

The question posed in my headline is obviously rhetorical in nature to anyone remotely informed of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, but it’s times like these that prompt me to reflect on a conflict that has been going on for my entire adult life and at the rate it’s going perhaps may carry on into my elderly years. For 17 years the U.S. has occupied Afghanistan, a country that has seen government corruption in many ways far worse than that of the Taliban, daily attacks and bombings that have killed and displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians and an opium epidemic that sees countless Afghans under the influence of heroine. The recent bombing of a U.N. convoy in Kandahar today is a mere footnote in an ongoing library of senseless bloodshed with no end in sight.

After 17 years it has become irrefutably clear to one who appreciates facts that it is incredibly unlikely the Taliban insurgency is ever going to be defeated. 17 years of conflict and Afghan civilian casualties are at an all-time high while the Taliban control more territory than they have since the beginning of the U.S. occupation in 2001. If the conflict isn’t being won and it appears as though it never will, why then must U.S. soldiers continue to die there? Because the corporations invested in conflict are profiting from the violence; U.S. soldiers losing their lives is as much a tragedy to the architects of death as cracked eggs are to a cook preparing an omelet.

War is profitable business. Weapons manufacturers and those in charge of reconstruction contracts are making billions. Every U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan serves as a sacrificial pawn in the sinister game of rich man’s chess. The countless lives ruined and ended by wholesale slaughter are nothing but a business feature manufactured by the architects of death. How any sensible American could support unnecessary violence that serves only those who lie and steal from them (taxation) is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps one day the average American finds this absurd loss of life offensive enough to demand that it ends.

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