Globalist shill John Mc Cain, a man with brain cancer, tells us what to do in Afghanistan.

John Mc Cain meets with his ISIS friends

Some of you may consider the headline of this article to be insensitive to the Senator from Arizona, a man who is currently battling an illness that will most likely end up taking his life. Perhaps you’re right, perhaps it is ‘insensitive’ to talk about his medical condition as if it renders his opinions on U.S. Foreign Policy illegitimate. Well, to those of you thinking such thoughts I have this to say: John McCain’s policies that he has promoted are for more horrific to the millions of people he’s helped kill and displace than anything negative I could ever say about the globalist piece of human garbage.

How unfortunate it is that John McCain is receiving news coverage again, not from media reacting to his death, but to his mindless assertions raised on Afghanistan. A man who has consistently been wrong regarding everything he’s said pertaining to U.S. Foreign Policy should have no credibility to be taken seriously on foreign policy.

John Mc Cain has a long-lasting career of advocating U.S. sponsored wars and invasions. Whether it be Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria, John Mc Cain has fervently encouraged U.S. invasions and the pursuit of violence to bring about what he deems as “positive” outcomes for the world and U.S. interests. Whether it be calling Libyan Rebels his heroes while praising the overthrow of Gaddafi in 2011 and the ensuing chaos and mass death that followed, or incessantly demanding U.S. support to Syrian Rebels aiming to oust Assad, John McCain has served as a mouth piece for the war profiteering industry for as long as he’s been involved in politics.

Given the globalist piece of filth’s track record on advocating U.S. invasion and the disastrous impact it has had on the lives of people living there (despite him saying it would benefit civilians in the destroyed countries) it would stand to reason that any sensible mind would disregard anything the man has to say pertaining to the topic. As someone vehemently opposed to the notion that U.S. soldiers should be used as sacrificial pawns to advance death and destruction for the interests of corporate profits, I consider the recent news that John McCain is suffering from brain cancer to be a generally good development. Hopefully he succumbs to his illness before he convinces the U.S. to send more soldiers to their unnecessary deaths in some distant battlefield overseas.

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