BlackWater founder speaks out against U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, I wonder if it’s because his business interests will suffer?

Erik Prince, the creator and former CEO of BlackWater, voices his opposition to a U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. I wonder if profiting from conflict has any influence on his position?

As the Trump administration deliberates as to whether or not the U.S. should alter its policy in Afghanistan, BlackWater founder and former CEO Erik Prince has reacted to the media’s coverage regarding discourse on the topic. Shockingly, Prince believes that the U.S. should not dare consider withdrawing from a 17-year conflict that appears no closer to reaching an end than when it began. I wonder if Prince’s company receiving lucrative contracts to train and assist Afghan security forces has anything to do with his position? Of course not, it’s entirely a coincidence!

Prince, like other war-profiteers with financial stakes in conflict are taking positions that reflect their financial interests. It is important to bear in mind that those profiting from death are vested in interests that run contrary to the interests of the average American, as it is average Americans who ultimately pay for conflict with their money (taxes) and blood (soldier casualties).

As a taxpayer I couldn’t care less what Prince’s or any other war-profiteer’s opinion is on maintaining wholesale slaughter. I know where they stand, they wish to continue leeching taxpayer money to fund bloodshed, that is the nature of their business. It is a fallacy to think that the interests of war-profiteers share YOUR interests, as their interests fundamentally contradict your interests. The relationship between war-profiteer and taxpayer carries with it the moral equivalence of parasite to host; one benefits at the other’s expense.