Violence from ANTIFA in Charlottesville ignored by mainstream media

BLM member shows how loving he is by trying to light someone on fire

Yet again the mainstream media intentionally misleads it viewers and deceives them by framing an entirely false narrative, this time regarding the violence which took place last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. There is a side to this story that the media refuses to acknowledge whatsoever and it is imperative to the truth that we consider what they aren’t telling us.

As has been thoroughly documented and reported by numerous independent news organizations, the violence that unfolded in Charlottesville was not initiated by the “evil Nazis”, or white separatists and nationalists protesting the removal of a Robert E. Lee Statue. Unreported by the mainstream media outlets were ANTIFA provocateurs hurling rocks, spraying mace and throwing urine – a practice reminiscent of past ANTIFA practices, and engaging in other violent acts towards the peaceful people gathered. But that’s okay, leftists tell us, because “committing violence against Nazis is acceptable.” Thus the idea that bashing peoples’ skulls in is an act of love permeates the political discussion regarding the events that transpired.

Violence begets violence, it would do those decrying the driver who mowed down anti-protesters some good to appreciate that the violence they either support or ignore encourages others on the receiving end of aggression to become aggressive as well. You can only assault people and call them Nazis for so long before they start actually believing they are Nazis – and acting as such. These types of incidents will only escalate and grow in number so long as we accept the notion that it is okay to beat and silence people we don’t like. There is nothing civil or moral about assaulting people who happen to hold views you dislike. A civilized person refutes bad ideas with evidence, reason, logic and proof – they do it with conversation and by decrying the bad ideas, not by hurling a rock or dumping urine on someone.

Those mowed down by motorist James Alex Fields, Jr. were not the only victims who suffered from violence at Charlottesville. The countless people subjected to violence from the left were also victims, and we are doing ourselves a disservice to the truth if we ignore that. By absolving ANTIFA and black lives matter from the role they play in facilitating retaliatory violence we are promoting the very bloodshed we claim to oppose.