63 shot in Chicago over weekend, but that’s not as important as Confederate statues


While the left continues its virtue-signaling crusade against racism, black lives are ending every day across the U.S. in the ongoing epidemic that is black-on-black violence. 63 people, the vast majority of them black, were shot this weekend across Chicago. Given the magnitude of this problem it is incomprehensible to me how anyone could choose to ignore black violence and instead fixate on the removal of statues deemed racist – all the while claiming to support black lives.

Is the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue from Charlottesville, Virginia going to reduce the number of black lives ended in black-on-black violence? Probably not. If black lives truly matter to us it stands to reason that we ought look at the source of problems plaguing the black community across the country – leftist policies championed by the Democratic Party. Unbeknownst to many liberals fooled by leftist propaganda, the Democratic Party is not an ally of black people. To the contrary, their policies have promoted poverty and black violence. When you familiarize yourself with the facts it becomes overtly clear to you that the welfare state is a far greater threat to black lives than “racist” statues and confederate flags.

The out-of-wedlock birth rate among African Americans is 73%, which is nearly three times higher than it was prior to the Civil Rights Movement and the war on poverty. The welfare state subsidizes out-of-wedlock birth rates by providing the financial means necessary for women to survive without any reliance whatsoever on the father’s income through its many welfare programs. 72% of black children are raised in single mother households, which means that 72% of black children do not have their father in the household.

Nearly half, or 45% of children raised in single mother households live in poverty. This isn’t difficult to understand, as the father being removed from the equation places a financial strain on the family as one of its main providers is absent. Fatherlessness has deep implications not just in terms of poverty, but crime rates as well. Boys who are fatherless are 3.061 times more likely to be incarcerated as households with the fathers present.

The welfare state has done more to harm the black family, as statistical evidence shows, than the KKK and slavery could ever have hoped to achieve. If we truly want to help black lives perhaps we should have more conversations about avoiding out-of-wedlock pregnancy and emphasizing the importance of men and women using birth control to avoid such pregnancies. The left has committed itself to promoting race baiting narratives designed to further mislead people from the true source of black problems in this country.