Nearly 600,000 Syrians return to Syria, why the mainstream media blackout?


Syrians are returning home by the hundreds of thousands, as was reported last July by several outlets. However, while some media sites report this and embrace it as a good thing, the mainstream media appears uninterested or deliberately ignoring the development of Syrians going back to Syria, I wonder why that is? Perhaps it’s because such an event doesn’t coincide with the interests of those influencing incorrect ideas – and perhaps we ought familiarize ourselves with why.

During the Obama administration’s intervention in Syria, the mainstream media offered little to no criticism whatsoever of Obama’s decisions – unless it was to argue in favor of intervening further on behalf of terrorist elements committed to ousting Assad from power. As the country plunged further into chaos and the body count grew, it became obvious to anyone paying attention that the mainstream media was committed to influencing public support for destroying Syria. Thus, Syrians returning home to Syria, regardless of the fact that the Trump administration ended U.S. support to Syrian Rebels – a policy the mainstream media supported for nearly 6 years under the pretense it was detrimental to helping Syrians return home –¬†exposes the illegitimacy and lies from which their misleading narratives are derived.

For nearly six years the Obama administration pursued a policy of supporting Syrian rebels in Syria, thus adding fuel to the fire of perpetual death and preventing a political settlement from being reached between opposing sides. Now that the Syrian Rebels and ISIS are essentially removed from the table of relevancy in dictating Syrian affairs, the Syrian Government has been able to restore order and stability in many parts of Syria. It is this stability and order that has prompted many Syrians to return to their ancestral homes and begin a new chapter of their lives.

Let this serve as a painful reminder to the degree in which mainstream media narratives are divorced from reality and intended to destroy and undermine truth.