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With a 15 year career in Trauma and ICU, Jo Freedom continued pursuit of higher education with concentrations in psychology, sociology, communication, religion, philosophy, gender differences and women's studies. Jo holds various level degrees in all of the aforementioned concentrations as well as degrees in social work, criminal justice, and business management & construction. Now a semi-retired Professor, Jo continues to be active in Alumni conferences and is often called upon to contribute research and presentations on a variety of topics. In addition, Jo's expertise is often petitioned to offer reviews of academic articles. Jo still teaches part time academics as capstone instructor for students exiting Bachelor program college degrees. "I look at myself as a student of life. I truly enjoy the benefit of learning from my students efforts and research. I learn more from my students than I teach any one of them." - Jo Jo's contributions to the content of IE, management of team members, and innovative strategies for success, have been instrumental in helping to create a streamlined formula designed around teamwork and dedication to the cause of truth; and IE's efforts to provide quality well researched material for subscribers of the IE community.