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Mykill Mayhem is a US Army veteran, and decade long activist with extensive research in the US' supposed "War on Drugs" and many other subjects pertaining to the new world order agenda. Mykill is the founder and primary contributor to facebook's United Slaves of Amerika. While majoring in music at St. Petersburg College in 1999, Mykill first began investigating government corruption and coverups by researching illegal CIA drug running operations. After nearly a decade of research into topics such as the lies behind 9/11, the truths behind the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the century of corporate sponsored US' foreign-policy responsible for these events, Mykill's band - Devolution, released a protest CD entitled, "United Slaves of Amerika," in 2007. In 2008, Mykill also wrote a book, What In The World Is Going On In This Country?, which currently has over 20,000 reads on Amazon.com. Devolution was retired in 2012, and Mykill's musical project was continued on as United Slaves of Amerika. As of January 2015 Mykill has taken a hiatus from authoring but continues to be a valuable asset to IE News Magazine with contributions from his collection of research articles, and is also a member of the advisory board of IE News Magazine and subsidiary activist organizations. "I've been leading the charge against the increasing tyranny & empiricism in the US since 2003, attending and speaking at several Iraq War protests, marches, & rallies including the march on Washington DC in September of 2007 with the Iraq Veterans Against the War & Veterans For Peace. My focus is on fighting for our rights & against the wars for profit & empire, so I've changed the name of the project to United Slaves of Amerika to emphasize that focus." - Mykill