The Martial Art of Revolution

The Martial Art of Revolution – A Study in Principles of Power

Most martial arts were formed as a means of defense by a citizenry suffering at the hands of abusive governments, so it is not too surprising that they share numerous similar principles with successful revolutions.

63 shot in Chicago over weekend, but that’s not as important as Confederate statues

While the left continues its virtue-signaling crusade against racism, black lives are ending every day across the U.S. in the ongoing epidemic that is...

So You Want Change

Until the day we learn to question the yardsticks of life given to us by the controllers of this corrupt system, we will never break free of the system.

Gaddafi’s Libya – Human Rights

Libya's human rights policies under Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya were recognized by the United Nations as achievements worthy of award.  In 2011...

Las Vegas Mass Shooting – What are they hiding?

This article exposes evidence of incompetence at the very least, and questions the narrative inconsistencies in the information released to the public.

End War; Because We Know We Can Do Better

The way war is handled has changed a lot over the years, for better or worse, we are fighting a very different war than...

80% of Americans at or near the poverty line, disproportionally those of color

Poverty and inequality in the United States has reached unprecedented highs. While companies like Mylan price hikes their life-saving medical product EpiPen and makes...

President Donald Trump’s “House of Cards” Initiative to Combat Opioid Addiction in America

President Donald Trump on Thursday October 26, 2017, through the Public Health Services Act, directed his acting secretary of health and human services to...