End War; Because We Know We Can Do Better

The way war is handled has changed a lot over the years, for better or worse, we are fighting a very different war than...

So You Want Change

Until the day we learn to question the yardsticks of life given to us by the controllers of this corrupt system, we will never break free of the system.

American Tax Dollars & Israel Spending

What have the American tax dollars that have been given to Israel bought in the past 30 days? There are now 7 million Palestinian...

Tackling the Root Causes of Gun Violence

Gun violence is considered by many to be a causal reason for legislation for gun control.  It's always about robbing the people of constitutional...
The Martial Art of Revolution

The Martial Art of Revolution – A Study in Principles of Power

Most martial arts were formed as a means of defense by a citizenry suffering at the hands of abusive governments, so it is not too surprising that they share numerous similar principles with successful revolutions.

Palestine – Casualties of Undeclared War

Israel currently defends 262 illegal settlements in Palestine, while demonizing the efforts of Palestinians to fight back against continued Israeli annexation of the homes and property of the Palestinian people.

When Injustice Becomes Law – A New Era of Government

Liberties and freedom are being attacked everywhere, the war machine continues it's march, and the economic slavery of mankind continues to tighten it's choke hold on the masses.

Gaddafi’s Libya – Libya Health Care

Health Care: A Human Right Public Health Care in Libya prior to NATO’s “Humanitarian Intervention” was the best in Africa.   Libya provided to its citizens...