Presidential Election Mouth Pieces

Election Mouth-Pieces | We hear from Hilary Clinton about some more lies she is saying to cover up the lies she already said. Jeb Bush is continuing with his family’s commitment to rob the entire population of wealth. Donald Trump spent some time in an interview ego stroking about taxing the now next to nonexistent middle class so multinational companies still get tax breaks.

New World Order Brand Global Governance

The term New World Order is a euphemism used by the elite as a PR term for global governance, as a "kinder, gentler" way of contextualizing it for those they seek to govern.

Are Donald Trump’s words worse than Hillary’s crimes against humanity?

Yet again the media is in uproar over the comments of embattled Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Yet again we're being told to despise the moral...

Exposed: Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Exposed: What You Should Know About the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Few would disagree with the statement that 1974 was not Richard Nixon’s year. Impeached on...

The United Nations and Agenda 21 – (Vision 2050)

The UN was devised as a means for global control by international bankers & global elites, & was spearheaded by John D. Rockefeller &...