New World Order Brand Global Governance

The term New World Order is a euphemism used by the elite as a PR term for global governance, as a "kinder, gentler" way of contextualizing it for those they seek to govern.

The United States of America, LLC

The United States of America, LLC, is an empire that acts internationally to protect its economic interests, which, of course, is determined for us...

Monsanto – The Politics and The Poison

Ask yourself, is it a coincidence that Hillary Clinton was Rose Law firm's assigned legal counsel for Monsanto, and that the first GMO foods were approved by the Clinton Administration.

Empire Building for Dummies

Our government's leaders take their marching orders from corporate benefactors & the banking elite. If you're not familiar with them, research the CFR (Council...

Off-Shoring America – The Euphemism of Globalization

The euphemism of globalization is a smoke screen for the offshoring of skilled labor jobs to countries that pay below poverty level wages to civilian workers.

War: Oil and the Petrodollar

The primary causal effect in illegal wars, occupations, and overthrows of foreign governments are more about the petrodollar, than oil itself.

Exposed: Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Exposed: What You Should Know About the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Few would disagree with the statement that 1974 was not Richard Nixon’s year. Impeached on...