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War is fought for the interests of those financially invested in the military industrial complex. When considering that the architects of mass murder are arms dealers, bankers and other corporate bodies, one recognizes that the massive loss of life and destruction to property from wars - wars based entirely on lies and false narratives - is completely unnecessary and benefits no one other than those profiting from the chaos. At NWOwillfail we aspire to undermine the war propaganda that misleads its victims into assuming wars are fought for the interests of the average human being. If you share our pursuit for a warless world we ask that you share our memes and help raise awareness to the real reasons so many lives are destroyed.
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U.S. Foreign Policy produces outcomes from which terrorism is derived. Whether it be arming murderous dictators, bombing countries or training and arming fighters directly linked to the same terror groups we're told to be fighting, one thing is overtly clear: The U.S. is responsible for the creation and rise of terror groups throughout the world. At NWOwillfail we subscribe to the notion that if we are ever to eradicate terrorism we must first understand the root causes of it. Only by objectively analyzing cause and effect will we capable of advocating meaningful solutions to making the world a less violent place to live.
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Hildabeast Clinton

This album is devoted to exposing the malevolent character of Hillary R. Clinton, whose long and corrupt career in politics has helped steal countless billions from the U.S. taxpayer and gotten people killed. If this woman is to become President of the United States it stands to reason that an unprecedented level of corruption will reside in the White House. Help undermine her campaign by sharing the truth about her lies!
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